• CSA PRODUCE SHARE BOX: good for those who like to eat vegetables fresh from the farm

  • MARKET CARD: save money and budget spending with this membership option



  • CSA BOX option: includes 10 total boxes of produce over the 5 month harvest season

  • MARKET CARD option: shop our markets and online or roadside farm stand as often as you like while saving 25% with card



  • IT'S DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS: within a 25 mile radius from our farm in Neenah, WI



  • JUNE 16TH-OCTOBER 20TH, 2021 Wednesday's bi-weekly starting on June 16th, 2021

* If out of town or missing a week of your CSA box, it can be doubled up another week or delivered to another address as a donation. Please give advanced notice by call or message.



  • Shopping from Green Valley Acres, local farm gives back to your community, keeps travel close with a freshness that is untouchable.  GREEN VALLEY ACRES fresh picked produce is healthy & safe, grown with organic and modern sustainable methods. Our customers enjoy knowing where their food is grown. We welcome members to visit the farm and to shop local FARM & CO. 



                                                                                             How to become a FARM & CO member? Here are the options:

1.  Purchase our CSA produce share box for a season of our fresh produce

2. Purchase our MARKET CARD, save and shop as a member of your local FARM & CO. at our FARM STANDS + FARMERS MARKETS

3. Register and follow our BLOG to get the latest updates direct from the farm


If online ordering is not for you please call us at 920-470-1751

If looking to pay by check remit payment to:

GREEN VALLEY ACRES 2130 Nee-Vin Rd. Neenah, WI 


"LOVE Green Valley Acres! We get our CSA right to our door and it's always an exciting day for us! Such variety and amazing produce!!"- J.A

"Just went to green acres and the produce selection is so good! I will be back for the cute pumpkin towers and some squash!!" - H.S

"Excellent place to get fresh produce and super friendly people!" - T.W

"What a nice farm-stand! They have a really cool option that you can order what you want and arrange a time to pick up.

I never have cash so it is great that I can pre-pay." -L.B

"Such a variety of pumpkins and good prices. People were awesome and help us pick everything out I highly recommend this place" M.K

"Beautiful produce stand! The fruit and vegetables are always delicious and super fresh! I highly recommend Green Valley Farm & Co." E.C