Updated: May 23, 2018

The girls were photo ready - at the farm yesterday. They are loving their new pasture. Plenty of room to run + scratch in the dirt. Did you know that all our birds are female? Sure most of you would think, you have a....rooster (male), right? Well, not quite, on an egg laying farm we only allow hens. Which are the female birds. Each hen lay's about 5-6 eggs a week. Hard working girls, I might add. That's why we give them a lot of care and they give us such an essential need. Thankfully, we spoil them around here, lots of love at GREEN VALLEY ACRES FARM & CO.

So would you like to meet a couple of our chickens? The first bird one of our Buff Orpington's, they are quite stout, they are known to be a larger bird. The lay light brown eggs. Super friendly......definitely keepers here on the farm.....

Pictured next is one of our Barred Rock girls, she's the black and white hen...they lay brown eggs as well.....they get a little more peckish...than the other birds, but look at that color!!!!!!...A little tip....they are a part of the Plymouth Rock bird family. The black and white ones are called the Barred Rocks....

This next lady one of our first birds on the farm....she and her like, are 6 years old. Her variety is called, "Browns", yes, clever name, right? They are brown and yes, they lay brown eggs too. She lays the biggest brown eggs we have ever seen!!!

Amazing group of birds.

The great thing about all the birds here at GREEN VALLEY ACRES FARM.

We treat all our birds like winners!

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